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 Our Mission is to help Veterans (and Service Member) and their families, who may be suffering from mental health issues that could result in self-harm, suicide or possibly hurt others. The National Static reports that 22 Veterans commit suicide each day. Lord willing, we hope to help wherever we can.  We believe that music can be a catalyst for healing as it helped me out of my dark place. If this health issue has impacted you personally, someone you know or your family, I urge you to encourage them (and you) to not give up the fight.

 Our Goal ever since we founded our store, we had one goal in mind: ensuring a consistent variety of fantastic items along with unique, limited edition rare, and collectable merchandise that will fit any budget. We’re proud of how far we’ve come and remain committed to adding more great products to our stock year after year.

 Our Business is numismatics, and our US Coin and Currency collections are carefully selected with our customers in mind. Delivery options and payment methods are generous and flexible. Browse our product gallery and start selecting new favorites with confidence. Your purchase will help raise funds to buy musical instruments and pay for music lessons for at-risk Veterans suffering from mental illness. (e.g., Depression, PTSD, etc.).  

 While we are NOT a 501 c3 Non-Profit Organization (yet), we do accept donations and tips, but we regret that any donations or tips offered are NOT TAX Deductible. However, we won't let that stop us from marching forward to fulfill our mission, which we hope you will support. 


For questions, comments, suggestions or to join our mission, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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